Neurokinetic Therapy

NKT stands for Neurokinetic Therapy. Therapists use this
assessment technique to find the root cause of a patient’s
complaint. It is an application of Motor Control Theory,
neuroscience, and functional anatomy (neurobiomechanics). 

Providers use certain protocols to determine which muscles are
inhibited and which muscles are compensating for them. Using
this information, they can then create a corrective exercise
regimen focusing on proper movement patterns and reprogram
the motor control center.

NKT can be used to assess and treat a variety of conditions.
These include joint pain, neck or back pain, gait dysfunction, pre
or post-surgical patients, some vestibular cases, hyoid
dysfunction, TMJ, scars, post- cesarean section and pelvic floor

Instead of chasing symptoms, therapists can use NKT to find
more direct causes of pain, tightness, or weakness. However, the
patient still needs to perform their corrective exercises to allow
their body to accept the changes. This will eventually override the
dysfunction and create a new, functional movement pattern.



This therapy is uniquely focused on the restoration of specific conditions after
STEM Cell, PRP, and Medical Procedures by identifying and evaluating soft tissue structures involved with pain to help guide recovery.  This technique is the perfect adjunct to medical therapy and rehabilitation. Movement patterns may be faulty and cause pain due to imbalance, overuse, or overloading of tissues.

This specific type of restorative bodywork is the perfect adjunct
to your rehab and recovery. 


Reduce Pain

Enhance Mobility

Assist with Injury Recovery

Improve Sports Performance

Augment Health and Wellness