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Have I gone crazy?

No, I have not. I just appreciate my clients so much that I want to offer you a yearly price for my virtual studio that is a crazy deal.

I am back in the studio and have been dreaming of building a community to help clients with women's health (men are welcome too), nervous system regulation to reduce stress and pain free movement. I am so grateful to be booked up with in person sessions and want to offer clients an additional way to get treatment.

Get 200+ on-demand classes and 4 live sessions for less than two in person sessions!

If you can not join live that is ok. Click on the virtual studio and watch ANYTIME!

HUGE savings if you purchase a year of the virtual studio

BEST DEAL - Save over $400 Coupon Code is Client Appreciation2

Replay of Live sessions and access to over 200 previously recorded sessions for your self care and body needs

Yearly Coupon Code is Client Appreciation1

Save over $100


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