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Sphere Therapeutix is a
series of self-fix methods designed to help release restrictive myofascial tissue and improve mobility.

These restorative exercises will reduce pain and resolve old injury patterns.  Gain flexibility, mobility and align your spine. Helps sciatica, joint and neck pain, muscle knots, and tightness. 

Online Studio & Live Classes 


100+ guided videos combine functional movement, ball rolling techniques, and yoga postures.


Plus a weekly live-streamed format therapeutic fitness class.

Try a Sphere Therapeutix Live Stream Class!

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"I absolutely love Sphere Therapeutix ball rolling therapy. I had no idea that using a little ball could be so effective in getting my body to work correctly and heal my pain. It relaxes me and gives me energy at the same time. I do it every day now. I highly recommend giving it a try." 


Video Samples

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