Sphere Therapeutix® Ball Rolling Therapy

ST Ball Rolling Therapy
Come join us in a live stream therapeutic fitness class and learn guided self- fix methods to reduce pain and resolve old injury patterns.
Sphere Therapeutix®  combines deep-tissue myofascial release, yoga, and total body alignment all-in-one. This class will teach you simple,effective routines for specific injury healing and prevention. Whether you are looking to restore your posture, relieve pain, or improve sport performance this class is for you!

Virtual One-on-One Session Functional Movement Correctives

Experience an Private Virtual NKT Movement Assessment & Sphere Therapeutix Bodywork Session. One on One the practitioner will blend NKT Assessement with functional therapy to the fit the specific needs of your body. This therapeutic method is brought to you by Zoom or Facetime and will bring you insight to your body, offer pain relief, and give you better movement.
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