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Sphere Therapeutix® Bodywork

Sphere Therapeutix® is a therapist-assisted bodywork therapy that reduces pain and myofascial tension in the body utilizing pressure and traction with spheres, Movement Repatterning, and manual therapy. Sphere Therapeutix® restorative bodywork frees your body from old restrictive patterns caused by injury and relieves pain.


This private restorative bodywork session lasting 55 or 85 minutes utilizes a 4" air-filled sphere and aromatherapy infused t spheres® with a combination of manual therapy techniques and stretching. It creates structural alignment and reduces pain and tension to keep you flexible, properly aligned, and injury-free. This technique will increase range of motion and mobility, improve sports performance, and assist with recovery of an injury.

Sphere Therapeutix® Corrective Exercise 

Want more mobility and strength? Our guided sessions combine functional movement, ball rolling techniques, and yoga postures with different sized spheres to keep you flexible, properly aligned, and injury-free. 

Private or semi-private bodywork session lasting 55 minutes. Contact us directly for semi-private group pricing. (maximum 6 people per session)

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