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t spheres® - more than a rubber ball

Massage & aromatherapy in one portable product, t spheres® are innovative and unique self-massage tools born from over 15 years of research and development.

This natural way to relieve pain from the body uses the two most scientifically researched alternative methods for stress relief. The infusion of aromatherapy essential oils into purified, perfectly weighted organic rubber compound has never been accomplished before, making t spheres® the only massage ball with both beneficial attributes. Each set comes with a spray-top re-infuser and simple ‘how to use’ pictorial instructions in a travel bag.

At Create Peace FMI we use t spheres® in our Yoga & Sphere Therapeutix™ classes. These therapeutic tools are a great addition to any yoga practice. The t spheres® massage ball combines the time-honored natural stress relief remedies of massage and aromatherapy to help keep chronic pain at bay.

45mm size t spheres sets:

PERK UP t spheres are infused with a splash of peppermint mixed with grapefruit to help improve concentration and circulation. $30.00 + Shipping

PEACE & QUIET t spheres are infused with lavender – the most versatile essential oil – for reducing headaches, calming nerves, anxiety & stress. $30.00 + Shipping

PURE RELIEF t spheres triple purification process – no aromatherapy infusion for those who prefer non-scented products. $30.00 + Shipping

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