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About Us

Your path to pain-free movement.

At Create Peace FMI, we believe in restoring your body's natural movement and reducing pain. Our restorative therapies, including Sphere Therapeutix® and Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), provide targeted solutions for pain management, injury rehabilitation, and overall well-being.


Discover the difference – experience the power of pain relief and improved movement.

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Sphere Therapeutix is a series of self-fix methods designed to help release restrictive myofascial tissue and improve mobility. These restorative exercises will reduce pain and resolve old injury patterns.  Gain flexibility, mobility and align your spine. Helps sciatica, joint and neck pain, muscle knots, and tightness. 

Karina Braun Barovick

Karina Braun Barovick, the founder of Create Peace Functional Movement Institute, is a respected human movement and pain specialist with 27 years of experience in massage therapy, bodywork, and yoga therapy. She is the creator of the Sphere Therapeutix® method, a unique and innovative approach to bodywork that combines her expertise as a Level 3 Neurokinetic Therapy Practitioner, Pilates Rehab Specialist, and yoga instructor specializing in corrective movements. Karina is the only certified Level 3 NKT practitioner in Henderson and Las Vegas. Additionally, Karina is a Reiki Instructor and an accomplished author in the massage therapy field.


Her profound understanding of injury, healing, and health is deeply personal. Karina has navigated her own journey through repetitive strain injuries and multiple surgeries, a journey that she leverages to guide others in self-care and recovery. The techniques and exercises she employs in Sphere Therapeutix® Restorative Bodywork culminate in her extensive experience and education, designed to promote healing and functional well-being.


Kimberly Kanitz

Kimberly, a Licensed Massage Therapist, excels in Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) and Laryngeal Manipulation (LM). She holds a Level 3 certification in NKT and boasts specialized expertise in treating Voice and swallowing Disorders and TMJ Dysfunction through LM. Kimberly is also proficient in Myofascial Lymphatic Treatment and Reiki, enhancing her holistic approach to body wellness.

With over two decades as a private vocal instructor, Kimberly has developed a keen insight into how past injuries, surgeries, and stress can lead to bodily dysfunctions and chronic pain, often affecting speech and swallowing. Her comprehensive training has equipped her to assist vocalists and extend her therapeutic services to a broader audience.

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