Sphere Therapeutix Virtual On Demand Studio

Live your life without pain and injury!

Welcome to my virtual studio! My Name is Karina Braun Barovick, and I am a Human Movement and Rehab Specialist.

I will take you on a journey to self-fix your injuries and restore your body to perform at it's very best. We offer Sphere Therapeutix Ball Rolling, Yoga, Breathwork, and Functional Movement Therapy. ​ At our virtual studio, you will learn guided techniques to self-fix each part of your body. Our classes can be taken live or watched on-demand at your convenience. One-on-one virtual private sessions are also available to meet your specific needs. Using my powerful and effective techniques, you will experience top performance in every action, sport, or activity. ​ Enjoy a stronger, pain- free life! Optimize your ideal body today! You have the POWER to restore yourself no matter what age you are.


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We live in a technology-driven world and so many people are hunched over a computer at their desk at work or holding their phone looking down. What is the result of all this screen time? Shoulder pain