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You will experience profound releases in your body as you work individual muscles with one or both spheres which can give you the true deep-tissue massage your body needs. We guarantee that you will reduce pain and resolve chronic dysfunctional injury patterns!


Sphere Therapeutix Air Filled Spheres is a self fix kit Includes a Drawstring Bag with 2 Air Filled Spheres and a an air pump.

Sphere Therapeutix Self Fix Kit

SKU: 364215375135191

    Durable Air Filled Sphere for Myofascial Therapy


    Return Policy- Please return within 30 days for if you are not fully satisfied with hte product. Will refund defective sphere within 90 days of purchase. Please note that the life of a sphere is around 1 year if regularly used


    All orders shipped within 48 hours of payment

  • Warranty

    Air Filled sphere have a warrant of a year. After A year air filled spheres need to be repurchased to have optimal workability. Please keep all spheres out of extreme heat.

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