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Sphere Therapeutix Bodywork Sport Kit

Sphere Therapeutix Bodywork Sport Kit

$54.99 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price

This set is perfect for the athlete that lives an active lifestyle and would like to stay injury free.


You will experience profound releases in you body as you work individual muscles with one or both spheres and get greater depth with the Empowermint  Peppermint T Spheres sports balls (58 mm La Cross sized) which can give you the true deep-tissue massage your body needs. We guarantee that you will reduce pain and resolve chronic dysfunctional injury patterns!


Sphere Therapeutix Air Filled Spheres is a self fix kit Includes a Drawstring Bag with 2 Air Filled Spheres, a Set of Empowermint T Sphere Sport Balls (58mm Lacrosse sized) and an air pump.

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