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What is NKT?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

NKT stands for Neurokinetic Therapy. Physical therapists use this

assessment technique to find the root cause of a patient’s

complaint. It is an application of Motor Control Theory,

neuroscience, and functional anatomy (neurobiomechanics)

developed by David Weinstock. This helps determine faulty

movement patterns in the brain’s motor control center.

Providers use certain protocols to determine which muscles are

inhibited and which muscles are compensating for them. Using

this information, they can then create a corrective exercise

regimen focusing on proper movement patterns and reprogram

the motor control center.

NKT can be used to assess and treat a variety of conditions.

These include joint pain, neck or back pain, gait dysfunction, pre

or post-surgical patients, some vestibular cases, hyoid

dysfunction, TMJ, scars, post- cesarean section and pelvic floor


Instead of chasing symptoms, therapists can use NKT to find

more direct causes of pain, tightness, or weakness. However, the

patient still needs to perform their corrective exercises to allow

their body to accept the changes. This will eventually override the

dysfunction and create a new, functional movement pattern.

Every patient is different and some will take longer to see results

than others.

For example, I commonly treat women experiencing lower back

pain after having a cesarean section. During the procedure, the

abdominal muscles are cut to remove the baby. A scar forms

where the incision was made. The abdominal muscles weaken as

a result and the low back usually becomes tight and painful. The

NKT protocol allows me to determine which specific core muscles

have weakened, which low back muscles are overworking, and

which way to release the scar if the scar is causing any


Patients are often surprised to find out that their scar is usually

neurologically overactive and sore to the touch. The scar release

is immediately followed by a specific muscle activation, usually

the abdominal muscles. These exercises enable the brain to

process  correct movement pattern and start to reprogram. This

also allows people to work on build strength while avoiding

overcompensation patterns in other muscles.


Relieves pain

Gives freedom of movement

Improves Sports Performance

Post Injury Rehab

Scar Rehab

I have found NKT to be absolutely essential for achieving lasting

relief from a wide range of conditions and have been amazed at

its speed, accuracy, and effectiveness. NKT often uncovers the

underlying causes of chronic, acute muscular skeletal pain and

dysfunction and quickly relieves it.

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