Time for Self care

I hope this finds everyone in good health. Since business is on a 30 day hiatus, All In-Treatment Bodywork session and classes are on hold. I am homeschooling my 7 year old, studying a lot, and developing my online courses. Did you know that I was a Massage Therapist, taught Yoga, and had a Massage Therapy Continuing Education business prior to opening Create Peace FMI? I am pulling resources from my other businesses to help clients. I am also working on building a library of downloadable videos and in the near future I will offer a membership for videos.That is what we have to do now right?!? Be resourceful..I really am trying to make lemonade out of lemons.

What are you up to at home? I think it is a good time to take care of your self. Included in this email are two links. One is a meditation and the other is a Sphere Therapeutix Ball Rolling class from last week.

This week I am offering a complimentary class ---

Sphere Therapeutix Ball Rolling class Thursday 9:30 Am and Yoga and Breathwork Saturday at 9:30 AM. You can tune in to my website https://www.createpeacefmi.com/on at this time or go to Instagram https://www.instagram.com/spheretherapeutix/?hl=en

at the above time. If you like what you see after these classes then you can go to my website and for a small fee join a class. I am trying to do what I can during this uncertain time. I really appreciate your support.

Here is what I can offer now:

I have some complimentary videos on Sphere Therapeutix You Tube Channel

Feel free to subscribe.

Complimentary Video Links:

Open the Hips and Breathe

Sound Healing and Meditation

I know this is a hard time and I am here to support you. Maybe it is time to try something new and do things a bit different to take care of yourself. Please let me know how I can assist during this time.

Stay Healthy!

Love and Light,


Create Peace FMI

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